Hochelaga Cafe Crawl

Now let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that you stop at all of these places in the same day as you might be slightly overdoing it on your daily caffeine fix! However, if you want to find a coffee shop or tea house in Hochelaga, at least one of these 8 places should fit the bill. There are several other good options, but these are my preferred choices with the right environment & enough space if I need to do a bit of laptop work (they all have wi-fi), meet with someone or get a small bite to eat with my cup of tea/coffee.

Should you want to explore the area between your drink stops or you need to get some lunch and groceries, this Carte d’Hochelaga will come in handy. It also has all the cafés in this blog post already marked out for you in the Hochelaga Cafe Crawl tab, so there’s no excuse for getting lost!
Hochelaga Cafe Crawl

>>From East to West..

Station In Vivo
4545 Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue, Montréal
Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat: 8am-5pm

Should you be early for a sports game at the Olympic stadium or need a good meeting place before heading up to the Botanic Gardens or the local area, this place is your best bet. Plus, from Métro Pie-IX, you can simply walk here through the indoor passage towards the arena and avoid braving the outdoors if it’s the middle of Winter. If you aren’t having a sightseeing type of day, then they generally have plenty of space to meet with others if there is nothing happening at the stadium. Serving coffee from Toi, Moi et Cafe and a good selection of sandwiches, it’s a good solid café with lots of light from their large windows.

Hoche Café

4299 rue Ontario Est, Montréal
Mon-Tues: 7am-7pm, Wed: 7am-7.30pm, Sat-Sun: 7.45am-6.30pm

This is probably the most popular cafe on the Rue Ontario strip in Hochelaga. There are plenty of wooden tables of varying size and normally more than enough room to squeeze in between your fellow laptop workers, language learners, students and businessmen. They have a large (& good) coffee & tea selection, a tasty choice of nicely-baked pastries & scones, plus some good lunch/brunch options. Definitely a suggested stop if you are headed to the nearby Marché Maisonneuve. Random fact: They of course hope never to use it, but they have a defibrilator in the cafe…just in case!

Hoche Cafe

Coop Le Salon Enchanthé
3770 rue Ontario Est, Montréal
Open 1pm-9pm

Very centrally located, this tea room has a good selection of oolong, pu-er, green, white and black teas available for you to choose from. Simply make your choice (& ask them if you are unsure what’s what) and enjoy a freshly brewed pot in their relaxed space. They have a nice cushioned floor area to sit at the front if you are lounging with friends, otherwise take a seat at one of their tables or up at the counter. It’s a handy place if you want a change from the usual coffee shops, plus they stay open fairly late.Le Salon Enchanthe

Atomic Café
3606 rue Ontario Est, Montréal
Mon-Fri: 8am-12am, Sat-Sun: 9am-12am

Atomic is one of my preferred cafés to work on my laptop as there is almost always enough space. The folks at the counter are always really nice and they have a decent choice of coffees, juices & sandwiches to choose from. The decor has a chilled out retro edge to it and although the back can seem a bit dark, it’s great for when they have shows, movie screenings, talks or when you simply don’t want to be disturbed when writing that essay. It’s unpretentious, open till late and a solid favourite in the area.Atomic Cafe

Antidote Superalimentation
3459 rue Ontario Est, Montéal
Mon-Wed: 8am-7pm, Thurs-Fri: 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm

For those with a lactose intolerance or wanting to get their daily vitamin packed green juice, this grocery store/café/juice bar will be your ideal stop. This 100% vegan store opened in late 2014 and their friendly staff are very welcoming. It doesn’t have a huge seating area, but there’s enough room to do a little bit of your internet surfing as you munch on your vegan friendly lunch & people watch at their lovely front window space. Plus before you leave, don’t forget to browse through their shelves & pick up some nut cheese, fresh greens or even some “vegan pizza pockets?!”.

Antidote SuperalimentationLa Grange Du Boulanger
3227 rue Ontario Est, Montéal
Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 6am-6pm

For full details, see my blog post & photos of this bakery café on this page. But in short, drop by and pick up an almond croissant/chocolatine, your stomach will be grateful.

La Grange du Boulanger

Café Bistro Bobby McGee
3213-3215 rue Ontario Est, Montéal
Mon-Fri: 7am-11pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-11pm

This cafe has had some negatives thrown at it over the last year, but I’ve personally never had an issue with the place nor its owners. If anything, the staff have always been nice and it’s still one of the most convenient cafés for me to do laptop work or grab a drink/coffee on their terrace in the summer. There’s a large choice of food & drinks on offer, including beer if you feel inclined (but note that if you do want beer, due to their bistro licence you’ll need to buy a small snack too.) They have plenty of tables inside and they regularly have live music, bands and dancing in the evenings so check out their facebook for announcements. Random fact: Should you be feeling charitable, you can also buy a sandwich or coffee ‘suspendu’ for those less fortunate in the area to have.Cafe Bistro Bobby McGee

Chez Sandrine
3179 rue Ontario Est, Montréal
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 11.30am-5pm

I feel like this friendly little cafe is often forgotten about on rue Ontario as it’s at the far western end of Hochelaga, before the bridge heading towards Frontenac. It’s handy for those of you who want somewhere quiet to grab lunch or have a coffee stop. Keep an eye on their facebook page as the food menu changes regularly with new items added depending on what they might have made for the day. Otherwise, if all you want to do is just relax, sit back in peace & read for a while, I suggest trying to nab a seat at the front window on their lounge chair. Chez Sandrine

…and a few more photos from these places!

Hoche CafeCafe Bistro Bobby McGeeLe Salon EnchantheLe Salon Enchanthe

Le Salon EnchantheAntidote SuperalimentationAntidote SuperalimentationChez SandrineChez Sandrine


4 thoughts on “Hochelaga Cafe Crawl

    1. Exactly!! Love the Plateau/mile end etc cafes but I’m happy that there are some nice places here in Hochelaga that are walking distance for me!

  1. hi…. just for your notice there is a café that t you forgot…. that is CAFE DES ALIZÉS at 3776 rue Ontario est, its there since the last 4 years now 😉 and they serve the best espresso and make the best maple latte 🙂

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