La Grange Du Boulanger

It’s less than a 5 minute walk from our front door to get to this bakery. It is so close to home for us that it’s difficult to decide whether that’s a good or bad thing! La Grange Du Boulanger is one of Hochelaga‘s recent newcomers and my current favourite place in the neighbourhood. (By the way, I’m not alone in this thinking as my mother-in-law goes there every time she sees us.. and that’s about once a week!)


So why is it my current ‘coup de coeur’?
To start with, owners Éric & Soumia have created a family bakery that is truly unpretentious, welcoming and needed in this area of Hochelaga. Their staff are very friendly, helpful & attentive, so you never feel anxious about asking something if you have a question. As for the baking, Éric is the key talent behind it all. Having been a pastry chef & head baker for a number of years, La Grange is where he can make the decisions and put his own stamp on the things he bakes.

Visually, Soumia has done a lovely job utilising her interior design skills in a way that makes the bakery warm & welcoming. Speaking with her, she said she used a lot of recycled materials from wooden pallets to jute bags and mason jars. In doing so, I feel she’s created an ideal atmosphere with the rustic decor to fit their ‘barn’ concept (plus it’s also very instagram-friendly).  11136670_541718597821_6415212567937279627_n

At their windows facing the church there’s a bright space where you can perch & people watch as you have your croissant(s) & coffee, if you want to sit-in. Note that if you have your little ones with you, this bakery is not an issue as the owners have a baby of their own. They’ve taken this into consideration with a small playpen & a high chair at hand so it’s a good place for all the family.11144085_541718557901_8103704004907282359_n

So more importantly, what do they sell?
Like any decent bakery, the bread is freshly made each day & so far we really haven’t had one bad loaf from their lovely sourdough, kamut, miche, ficelle, etc. If you want a classic croissant they of course have it, but if you have a sweeter tooth/want a change, then go for their maple butter, almond croissant and/or almond chocolatine. Actually, scrap that.. you could always get 6 of their mini croissants and decide for yourself. (But really.. I do suggest aiming for the almond ones, unless you have a nut & sugar allergy that is.)10356218_541718438141_2222262492697493314_n

The bakery also has a number of other savoury pastries, tarts and quiches available, but I’ve yet to test enough of them out so I’ll keep you updated. I’ve seen the look of their tart pastries improve over the last month, plus they have been expanding the selection since their opening in late February 2015 so they must be doing something right if there’s the demand. 11150221_541718503011_7252575455029775658_n

As you order from their patisserie laden counters and bread shelves, you can nosy at the baking happening behind the scenes. In the early hours of the morning, you can also see them busy prepping the next day’s bakes through the front windows. It’s a nice thing to see in my neighbourhood and remind me that this isn’t run by a large corporate production machine, but by skilled hands creating tasty morsels from good ‘ol flour.11124489_541718418181_5122140138334120979_n

Overall, the prices are very fair in comparison to other bakeries, considering the quality. There’s also a shelf of their ‘old bread’ at a discounted price if you need some for a recipe, to freeze or want to save a few pennies. It’s a great local business that I really hope stays & is supported by the local Hochelaga community.

La Grange du Boulanger
3227 Rue Ontario Est
Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 6am-6pm
Faceboook: LaGrangeDuBoulanger

(For some info on other places in the area, see this post or you can go straight to my google map. )



2 thoughts on “La Grange Du Boulanger

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that! They have always been super friendly & open to suggestions from their customers. If you’re ever back in the area & want a different bakery to try out, Arhoma is also great.

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