Restaurant Day Montréal

It’s on! It’s going to be chilly this November, so come warm yourselves up with a good brew!

Pop round to our place at the next Restaurant Day Montreal where you’ll find homemade British & Irish foods like sausage rolls, soda bread & scotch eggs to bakewell tarts, banoffee pies and of course, fresh scones with cream & jam!

Otherwise, just come round & learn about joining our free Montreal event groups, Table de Cuisines & GoHoma!

For the full menu & details, join our Facebook event at

Full Restaurant Day map at



**FYI**For those of you on Instagram, be sure to follow me… We have a little photo competition happening (judged by my OH as it’ll be his birthday!) His favourite instagram photo of our Restaurant Day Montréal event (with the hashtag ‪#‎PtiteCuisine‬) will win a homebaked prize! ..nomnomnom..


Voila! C’est frisquet en Novembre, alors venez vous réchauffer avec une tasse de thé anglais!

A la prochaine Restaurant Day Montréal, vous y trouverez des gâteries du Royaume-Uni faites maison, comme des rouleaux de saucisses, pain irlandais, “scotch eggs” & tarte Bakewell, dessert de Banoffee & des scones avec de la confiture et crème!

Si vous êtes serrés dans votre argent…venez faire votre tour et apprenez-en plus sur nos groupes gratuits d’événements à Montréal, Table de Cuisines & GoHoma!

Pour le menu complet, suivez P’tite Cuisine sur Facebook


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Day Montréal

    1. Hey Eva!
      We are not that far!, but we are the only event in the ‘east’ …we are 5min walk from Metro Prefontaine. Take the left exit at the escalators, cross through the park & you`ll be on the right street!
      Timing wise, as an example.. From McGill Station downtown, we are 25 min (incl. the walk). The same as going from McGill to Metro Laurier on Plateau or Metro Vendome in the west.
      Just depends where you are coming from in Montreal! Also, buses 125, 355, 29, 85 & 362 are the closest.

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