There are loads of cool infographic images floating around these days & they are a nice way to put together the key details of a subject in a more visually appealing way.. or at least I think they are. Some of the best food related ones that I’ve seen are coming from the folks at Chasing Delicious. I seriously encourage you to check out & follow their site HERE where you’ll find plenty of droolworthy images & recipes for things to munch. You’ll also find some home & garden, style info, etc. Anyway, I thought it’d be cool to show you a couple of my favourite infographics from their Kitchen 101 series and also a couple from the guys at ereplacementparts.

Some of these posters would be great to have in a kitchen or with the holidays coming up faster than we expect.. you could also buy some of the posters.. as a gift*.. then put them a nice frame.. not that I’m hinting or anything..(*hint to family & friends)

Chasing Delicious: Kitchen 101 Posters.. FruitsCooking SubstitutesCoffee Brewing.


Fats & Oils, Beef, Volume & Mass.

Kithcen101-fatsoils-ST_1024x1024 (1)Beef1-600x900KITCHEN-101-VOLUME-600x900 (1)

And from Ereplacement parts: Thanksgiving infographic & a guide to cooking & baking substitutions.

thanksgiving  This-For-That-FINAL (1)


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